Save or Toss

♥Hello Beauties♥,

 I have been looking at my make-up collection and realized that I have no idea what is the lifespan of my makeup is. I have done some reading and came across this awesome link on Tracey Kroukamp Make-up Artist facebook page. She linked a page from and I thought it would be excellent reference for my readers.

Detailed below quoted directly from:

Mascara – Mascara should be replaced every three months, the liquid consistency makes it more vulnerable to bacteria, and its proximity to your eye can lead to possible infections.

Liquid Liner – Liquid eyeliners present the same concerns as mascara, so they should be replaced every six months. Pencil eyeliners, however, should last you up two years. Sharpen your pencil with each use to keep it fresh.

Foundation  – For liquid foundations, say goodbye if you notice any change in smell, texture or color. Most foundations should last you up to a year, but if you’re prone to acne, think about tossing yours every six months.

Lipgloss  –  Because of the liquid consistency, lipgloss needs to be replaced more often than lipstick. Swap yours out every 12 months.

Concealer –  As with liners, the longevity of concealers depends on consistency. Liquid concealer should be tossed after one year, but powder concealer is fine up to two years.

Nail Polish  –  If you notice a change in color or a funky smell, it’s time to part ways with your polish. In general, it should last you up to two years and some have expiration dates on the back of the bottle. 

Lipstick  –  Consider it a long-term relationship- lipstick can last up to two years! Dispose if your lipstick becomes dry or changes hues.

Powder, Blush, Bronzer, Eyeshadow  – With proper care, and clean brushes, powder-based products can last for a couple of years.



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