Thank you!

Hello Beauties,

Once again I have to apologise for not publishing at all this year. It’s not that I did not want to publish or did not buy enough products….. I have so many products that I can review and will be reviewing over the next couple of month.  This blog is my escape but yet it has also caused me some form of stress (getting negative feedback from a friend about my writing skills). I am going to share my personal side as well as my ups and down with you and maybe you will understand although my aim was never to bore you with my personal issues.

As in my previous review, work has been crazy, November to February is year-end and I worked long hours (sometimes 16 hour days).  I had the perfect plan for blogging this year. I was on leave for 2 weeks in April and my plan was when I come back, I was going to start blogging again. Well my plan did not work out…… my body had some other plans for me.

I got very ill in the last week of my holiday. I thought it was ulcer and kept drinking medicine to treat the ulcer but it did not get better it only got worse. On Friday the 10 April, Marius rushed me to Sunward Park Netcare Emergency room with terrible chess pain. They did an ECG and determined that it was not my heart, as part of the initial assessment they did X-ray and blood tests and I was diagnosed with pancreatitis. I was admitted into hospital, I had such elevated level that it caused jaundice.  I spend the next 6 days in hospital for them to try and determine what the cause was. Most people believe Pancreatitis is caused by excessive drinking (not true) I dink the odd glass of wine but not enough to cause pancreatitis.

Well after various tests including CT scan they could not determine what the cause was however the blood test did identify that I have Yuppie flu. The Endocrinologist believes that the virus possibly caused a severe viral infection that caused the pancreatitis at least I have some answers.  Unfortunately there is no specific treatment for this. I don’t want to go into too much detail but in summary symptoms include extreme physical and mental fatigue. I can definitely confirm the extreme physical fatigue and I thought it was the long hours I was working!  I have been trying to get as much rest as possible and enough sleep as the doctor says my average 5 hours sleep is not sufficient……. Well I have really been struggling, been trying to not work such long hours (yeah right!) and resting whenever I could possibly.

Just when I thought I was well on track to recovery imagine my surprise when I was diagnosed with German measles …… an illness that is more closely associated with kids. I have been in bed for the last 10 days. Measles a thing of the past I came down with terrible flu this weekend. Sure I caught this one from Marius but I am on the mend.

Now getting to the best part! I have received the most amazing email on the 14 July from Beauty Blog Awards Team. I received a nomination for 2015 South African Beauty Blog Awards. I am completely overwhelmed. Thank you very much for nomination!  I know it is just a nomination but it made me realise I need to start doing things that revitalise my body and spirit – I just love make-up.

You my blog readers appreciate my blog! That is very humbling and heart warming.  I am going to try and get back to blogging at least once a month. I have so many products to review. My blog has also had its 1st birthday and I think I we should celebrate it with a Giveaway!

Tonight as I end the blog I am truly grateful to each one of you that take the time to read my reviews. It leaves me with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Thank you!

♥Till next time beauties! Have a super awesome week


I read and appreciate each and every comment!