BrushEgg Review and Giveaway!

BrushEgg Review and Giveaway!

Hello Beauties,

I found this little miracle called the BrushEgg. I purchased at the Eid Festival.  I decided to invest in it as the price was so reasonable (I think I paid R90) in comparison with the other products available to assist in getting your brushes clean.


It is always such a mission for me to wash my brushes. I have quite as few brushes so I don’t wash them every week. I just alternate between them and schedule time to wash them every second weekend.

The BrushEgg is made of silicone. The one side is smooth and the other side have small knobs and grooves. It has space to slip two fingers into to hold whilst you washing your brushes.



How I use my BrushEgg
I pour some Mac brush shampoo in a glass. I then place all the brushes I want to wash in the solution and soak them for 5 minutes. I then let the water run over the BrushEgg whilst I twirl my makeup brushes around to lather them up on the small knobs and then move the brushes from side to side on the grooves to get rid all the dirt.

BrushEgg Cleaning Brushes

Once clean, I rinse my brushes with clean water and slip my brush guards over them (only started doing this recently compliments of Allure Makeup SA) and I let them dry on a flat surface.

They look and feel great after I have cleaned them.   I believe this little miracle product is must-have for any makeup collection and it’s so affordable!

The BrushEgg is available online at Allure Makeup SA  and  ShopSwiitch

I have one of these beauties to GIVEAWAY! To stand a chance to win you must just leave me a comment why you would like to win this little beauty. Winner will be chosen in two weeks time.

Till next time beauties! Have a super awesome week


  1. I could definitely use one of these. I have pretty much tried everything to get my brushes clean, but there is ALWSAYS some product left between the dense bristles. I woukd love to win a brush egg!

  2. This product looks fantastic. AS cleaning brushes is such a chour and somehow you never manage to get rid of all the make up residue. what a great giveaway!

  3. Excellent write up Ilona. Great product a must have.

  4. Hi there, this is so cute!! I’d love one because I’m super lazy when it comes to washing my brushes and I hope that this adorable assistant would er.. well…. egg me on!!

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