AngelBerry Fro-yo Part 1

AngelBerry Fro-yo Part 1

Today I had the opportunity to visit AngelBerry @ Kyalami on Main to taste and experience the unique Fro-yo. I was pleasantly surprised. The store was so beautiful and welcoming and Lerato and Prudence provided excellent serivce. This review will be over 2 parts as I would like to spend sufficient time on each of the items on the menu that I tasted.

Firstly some background on AngelBerry Fro-yo

AngelBerry, the UK-based frozen yogurt franchise which recently landed on SA shores, it has opened it’s highly-anticipated new store inside the Food Lover’s Market in Mthatha. This is the brand’s fourth store in South Africa, with two more stores scheduled to open later this year, in Richards Bay and Cape Town.

AngelBerry brings you a premium taste sensation that is 100% natural, including a low sugar range made with Stevia – a sugar substitute derived from a plant. Stevia contains no calories and is sweeter than sugar while being part of a healthy lifestyle.

AngelBerry also give the customers opportunity to create their own fro-yo sensation using the self-help swirling soft serves machines and then they can add their own fro-you topping from the topping bar.

So over to business, I was looking forward to this outing for 2 weeks now. Although I was not so sure about the date that I choose as it has been raining in Gauteng since Thursday evening. But the sun was out this morning and I was excited to visit the store.

Lerato assisted me and explained the soft serve machine and took me through all the flavours available

AngleBerry Soft Serve Machine

  • Fro-yo (Low fat, 100% natural and gluten free, 1/3 calories of ice cream and diabetes friendly)
    • Banana Fro-yo
    • Natural Greek
    • Stawberry
    • Chocolate (Stivia Fro-yo)
    • Wildberries (Stivia Fro-yo)
    • Vanilla

Gelato (Real Italian Ice Cream) High in Calcium, Natural

    • Nutella Gelato
    • New York Cheese Cake Gelato

The Fro-yo and Gelator sells for R15 per 100g


I followed the above instruction and I was pleasantly surprised, I just loved the flavor and the best part was that I did not have to feel too guilty as it is low in calories!

I choose Wildberries, Natural Greek, Nutella and New York Cheesecake. The flavours were spot on.

  • The Wildberries – if I closed my eyes it felt like I was eating a rainbow, or that is what I think a rainbow will taste like
  • Nutella – A chocolate hazelnut creamy delight
  • New York Cheesecake – it was delicious, creamy and smooth with a tangy flavour.
  • Natural Greek was the last flavor which was exactly what I needed to finish and bring the entire flavor palette together.


I topped my Fro-yo and Gelato off with some strawberry and lychee bobbles and Ooooo was I in heaven. I have never experienced such an amazing sensation. The bobbles were filled with burst of strawberry and lychee flavor!





In summary what a awesome experience!  That’s it for the 1st installment of my AngelBerry experience, tune in tomorrow evening for my 2nd installment!

Disclaimer: Although being sponsored it did not alter my views in anyway.


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