Cindy-Lou Manizer

Cindy-Lou Manizer

Hello Beauties,

I have been looking for a highlighter that has subtle glow with splash of colour. I just need a little pop of colour on my cheeks but I do not want to look like a disco ball.



I found just that subtle little highlighter from The Balm Cosmetics. The highlighter is the Cindy-Lou Manizer. It can be used a shadow, blush or a subtle highlighter. It has a rose gold hue with a frosted sheen.


The Cindy-Lou Manizer adds a subtle rosy gold hue with a glowing luminous sheen to my cheeks which is perfect. I really like this highlighter as it is not chalky. The powder has a soft silky texture and is very easy to apply and blend and it also last well during the day considering that we have been having a heat wave in Gauteng the last couple of weeks.Mary-Lou

I would highly recommend this highlighter for the matureskin, but I do not think it is not limited it is suitable for all ages!

The Cindy-Lou Manizer is available at RetailBox for R399.





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