Hydrating Rose Clay Liquid Soap and Mask

Hydrating Rose Clay Liquid Soap and Mask

Hello Beauties,

I have been introduced to the most amazing little gems. Skin Clays – Hydrating Rose Clay Liquid Soap and Hydrating Rose Clay Face Mask and the best is it is 100% natural.

Skins Clays



I was so pleasantly surprised when my products arrived which I won on Twitter competition! Thanks you so much Skin Clays!

The Liquid Soap is such generous 500ml soap in a brown tinted glass bottle.

My first instinct was to not share with the family. Well you need to understand my life is surrounded by men which I love dearly but I was so worried that they will use my liquid soap because it is available. My liquid soap received a special spot on my dressing table but needless to say I moved it into the bathroom quickly as I just loved washing my hands with it and it was inconvenience to go to my room before I washed my hands.

With it moving it into the bathroom I am happy to report that the boys have not started using it they probably think it’s a strange colour. But the light pink colour is lovely and it’s absolute amazing.

The hydrating rose clay liquid soap and clay face mask is delicately formulated for sensitive & mature skin of which I am the latter, the rose clay with its gentle toning action hydrates and firms my skin and it is set to restore youthful elasticity.

With the Liquid Soap I don’t feel the need to apply cream to my hands after I have washed my hands as they feel soft and hydrated.  This liquid soap is very gentle and can also be used as a body wash or bubble bath.

The Hydrating Rose Clay Face Mask is made of the same formula as the Liquid soap. I have been using this mask every two weeks. With winter around the corner my skin needs the extra hydration that this mask provides and it leaves my face feeling hydrated and refreshed.

Skin Clays Mask


Hydrating Rose Clay Key Botanicals:

Aloe Ferox Gel
This pure and natural healer is renowned for its cleansing properties. It is a natural detoxing agent and has more vitamins, minerals, amino acids and polysaccharides than Aloe Vera. It is traditionally used to stimulate cell renewal as well as the body’s healing mechanisms.

Grapeseed Oil
The mildly astringent qualities of Grapeseed Oil tighten and tone the skin, treating acne and other skin conditions. It is rich in linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that is important for the skin and cell membranes. It also has great regenerative, restructuring and moisturizing effects.

Lemon Verbena
The softening effect of Lemon Verbena oil on the skin helps to reduce puffiness. It also relaxes and refreshes the body and mind, while uplifting the spirits.

Rose oil stimulates all skin types and is particularly beneficial to dry, mature and sensitive skin with its moisturising and hydrating effect. It reduces redness, fights inflammations and repairs broken capillaries on the skin.

Rose Geranium
Rose Geranium oil is used to clear sluggish and oily skin as it helps to balance the secretion of sebum. It treats eczema, reduces cellulite and bruising, promotes wound, burn and ulcer healing and also acts as an insect repellent.

Rosehip Powder
Rosehip contains Vitamin A & C, which helps to delay the effects of skin ageing, assists with cell regeneration, and promotes collagen and elastin levels to increase, result in firmer, smoother, and more youthful skin with greater elasticity. Rosehip seed oil also contains a high amount of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, which further promotes healthy skin. In particular, it is rich in linoleic and linoleic acids, which are essential skin nutrients.

Shea Butter
Shea butter has excellent anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties. It also has the ability to absorb ultra violet radiation to a certain degree. In hair products it moisturises and strengthens dry and brittle hair.


Skins Clays are extremely affordable, you can visit their website at  Skin Clays

  • 500ml Hydrating Rose Clay Liquid Soap R77.00
  • 250ml Hydrating Rose Clay  Facial Mask R65.00


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