Current Favourite Perfumes

Hello Beauties,

Today I would like to share my love for perfume. I am only going to review the 3 that I reach for at the moment. If I have to review all the perfumes we will be here for a while. I just love perfume.

I have been working on this blog post this week and I was in Twitter  this morning and I saw a tweet from @davelackie

“A new research study reveals that 97% of women said wearing fragrance boosts their confidence in social situation”.

I have to agree with that 100%, when I wear a fragrance that I love I do feel more confident.

The reason I have so many different perfumes is that when I apply a perfume I want to be able to still detect the fragrance during the day. What I have observed over the years is, if I wear a different perfume every day I can detect the fragrance throughout the day. This also helps as I don’t ever feel the need to reapply during the day.  When I wear the same perfume a few days in a row I get so use to the perfume and cannot detect the fragrance.

I always try and find a fragrance that complements my skin. Ones scent should be subtle enough not to invade people around you personal space, but be pleasant enough that they want to stay around you. Perfume should enhance your personality and overall being.

When I decide that I want to buy a new perfume I will not apply perfume, I will then sample the perfume in the store and leave it on for the day. If this would not work for you it is important to not overwhelm you nose when trying to buy a perfume. If you sample too many fragrances you will not be able to differentiate anymore. However you can clear your senses by smelling some coffee beans. When I first saw all these containers with coffee beans at the perfume counter I was completely confused. But I have to say it definitely works.

Some Do’s

  • It is believed that the best time to apply a fragrance is right after a shower or a bath. Your skin pores will be open and soak up the perfume.
  • You should apply your fragrance in unusual places where it will keep its scent longer and stay warm such as the inside of your elbow, the wrist, neck and even back of your knees.

Some Don’ts

  • Don’t spray your perfume on jewellery.
  • Don’t wear the same perfume all year round. One should try to change it. Maybe wear different fragrances for different seasons. It is believed that scents can be affected by temperature.
  • Don’t apply your perfume behind your ears, it can mix with skin secretion and possibly give off a bad scent.
  • Avoid spraying on light coloured clothing to avoid discoloration

So let’s get on to my current favourites in my collection.

Thierry Mugler Alien Eau Extraordinaire 

Now this little beauty I got from my sister in law for my birthday this year. This has been on my wish list for as long as I can remember.  This perfume has uniqueness and reflects soft flora note. It reminds me summer and it gives me a calm and happy feeling. The bottle is transparent and curvier than the original Alien and is described as gem decorated with golden details.


The fragrance is described as top notes of the composition provide an irresistible blend of Tunisian neroli combined with tea and bergamot. The heart of the composition adds fresh, elegant and gentle exotic Tiare flower note warmed with deep, warm and sensual aromas of white amber.

Alien 2

Alien retails @RedSquare between R585 for a 30ml to R1 140 for a 90ml


Estée Lauder ~ Beautiful

I received a gift voucher in February this year and decided that I want to spoil myself with this romantic floral perfume. The bottle is elegant with gold detail. I find that I reach for this perfume more often and I find the scent fresh with warm woodsy note but yet still light to not be too overpowering.

Beautiful 3

The top notes include rose, mandarin, lily, tuberose and marigold. The intensive floral heart is sweet, consisting of orange flower, jasmine and ylang-ylang. The base notes are warm and elegant and include sandalwood and vetiver.


Beautiful retails @RedSquare between R560 for a 15ml ~ R1 375 for a 75ml


Obsession by Calvin Klein

Now this fragrance is the complete opposite to the two other fragrances. I just love that it so different it is a very oriental spicy fragrance that only requires the small amount. It first launched in 1985 and it is still a cult favourite. The bottle is also very elegant.

Obsession 1

Top notes are green notes, mandarin orange, vanilla, peach, basil, bergamot and lemon; middle notes are spices, coriander, sandalwood, orange blossom, jasmine, oakmoss, cedar and rose; base notes are amber, musk, civet, vanilla, vetiver and incense.

Obsession retails for R980 for 100ml @myperfumeshop

Till next time beauties!


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