Bold Metal Dupe Makeup Brush Set

Hello Beauties,

I have been dreaming about the Real Technique’s Bold Metals but my budget is tight as I am currently paying my youngest sons braces but let me be honest, even if I did not have this expense I do not think I would have invested in buying the set. I have the Real Technique Starter Set and the Core Collection and a few single brushes and I am quite happy with them. However I just like all things shiny so I decided to buy the Bold Metal Dupes.

This review will not be a comparison between the two sets, the review is about what I think about the Bold Metal Dupe set that I bought from @brushshop_za on Instagram for R280.


Blod Metal Dupes

The sets contains 7 brushes

  • Triangle Foundation Brush
  • Arched Powder Brush
  • Flat Contouring Brush
  • Tapered Blush Brush
  • Oval Eyeshadow Brush
  • Pointed Crease Brush
  • Angled Liner Brush

Blod Metal Dupes11

I was truly surprised and impressed when the set arrived. They are super soft, there are three different colours for the handles they are silver, rose gold and gold. The brushes are not heavy at all like the other Real Technique brushes I own but I don’t mind.


Triangle Foundation Brush

I normally do not like to apply my foundation with a brush, but I was impressed with the brush when I applied my foundation, however I will not be using this as a foundation brush. I have not found another use for it yet except it looks stunning on my dressing table…….


Triangle Foundation


Arched Powder Brush

This brush is extreme soft and dense. I love applying my powder with this brush, I reach for the brush quite often to apply my powder.

Powder Brush


Flat Contouring Brush

This is my favourite brush from the set. It’s also super soft. This brush can be used for multiple tasks; I have used to apply blush, cream and powder. I have also used it to apply contour and to also buff in my foundation.


Flat Contour


Tapered Blush Brush

Once again a very soft  brush and I like to use it to apply my blush and highlighter.

Tapered Blus Brush


Oval Eyeshadow Brush

This brush is good to for all over lid eyeshadow, I use it to apply my ColourPop eyeshadow. I get a nice and intense colour when I apply it with the brush. It is a little big but I  like to used it for the one colour eyeshadow looks as it is perfect size for applying the colour all over the lid.

Oval Shadow


Pointed Crease Brush

This is also a densely packed tapered brush and I use it to intensify the outer V to give a little pop of colour.

Pointed Crease


Angled Liner Brush

I have only used this brush once and it did apply my brow product nicely and precise however I do not reach for the brush as I prefer doing my brows with a pencil.

Angled Liner



My overall experience of this set is that I really like it. It’s super soft, beautiful to look at and it is very affordable. I have not experience any shedding of the set and they retained the softness and shape even after I have washed them a few times. It is a nice addition to my current brushes and I would highly recommend it.

Till next time beauties!


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