Who is Postbox Courier?

Who is Postbox Courier?

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Let me introduce you to awesome revolutionary logistics company that will assist you to get access to brands/products that are not available South Africa……. I have a few on my wish list. Although some of these companies do ship to South Africa, the cost involved is so expensive and if you choose the cheaper shipping option i.e. snail mail via SA Post office it can take up to 9 months (not kidding, that’s how long it took one of my parcel to arrive) Alternatively you run the risk of your parcel going missing and not arriving at all. This is sad occurrence but unfortunately a reality in South Africa.

If you have been dreaming about brands/product like ColourPop, NARS, Morphe, Tarte to name a few, I am pleased to introduce you to PostBox Couriers Service South Africa, they offer an awesome solution which eliminates high shipping fees, long waits and possible delays at customs. PostBox Courier Service South Africa is magic, the shipping costs are very reasonable and your parcel will reach you within 3 – 5 working days.

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HOW does it work?

  • Registration is free….. yes FREE you do not have to pay a joining fee.
  • You will receive a central post-box address where all your online purchases can be delivered to, they can also be consolidated into one delivery shipped to South Africa. You will receive  Post-box address in:

New York

London and;

Hong Kong

  • Once you have placed your order from the respective site they will issue you with a tracking number. You can then use this information to fill out your parcel pre-alert on your PostBox Courier profile. This will alert PostBox Courier that you have a parcel on its way and they will also keep you informed via email. You can ship single items or multiple pieces combined into a single shipment. If you wish to consolidate orders from different suppliers (in the same origin country), you will be able to do so in your Parcel Manager by using the Group button and this will let PostBox Courier know which items you wish to combine.
  • Once your parcel has arrived at your post-box address you will be notified via email and they will also let you know what the courier cost will be for your parcel.
  • To make payment you log into Parcel Manager and using Paypal you make payment. It then takes approximately 3 – 5 working days for your parcel to arrive in South Africa. You can then forward your invoice you received to PostBox Courier and they will do the custom calculation and forward you the invoice.
  • Your parcel will be released once the custom fees and taxes have been paid and will be delivered to the destination of your choice. If your parcel is less than R500 you will not have duties to pay It’s very easy to navigate the PostBox Courier website, they also have a section on Frequently Asked Question and if you any other questions you are also welcome to email them. Alternatively you can also visit the site for a quote.

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Competition Time:

One lucky reader will win a R1000 vouchers towards the shipping charges ONLY for your purchases you made from the United Kingdom, Europe, USA or China – this voucher will cover a 3kg shipment from New York, 4.5kg from London or 2.75kg from Hong Kong


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Terms & Conditions:

  • This giveaway is open to South African residents only
  • Giveaway will run from Tuesday 12th July 2016 until Tuesday 2nd August 2016.
  • Only one email address/facebook account per person is allowed, duplicates will be removed
  • The prize is sponsored by Postbox Courier
  • Winner will be announced on Facebook, Twitter and on this blog post by Wednesday 3rd August 2016.
  • If the winner can not be contacted within 48 hours a new winner will be drawn.
  • Postbox Courier will be providing the prizes to the winners


Important: Please also note that this vouchers do not cover the cost of your shopping or delivery charges for getting the items to your Postbox Courier address. It also do not cover any SARS Customs duties and VAT.




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