Oral Care - Elgydium Sensitive Toothpaste

Oral Care - Elgydium Sensitive Toothpaste

Hello Beauties,

Elgydium Review


There is always a first time for everything!

I was selected by Rubybox to test the Elgydium toothpaste.   I received the two samples – A Whitening and Sensitive toothpaste and two samples to give to family or a friend which I forwarded to Lizna from WithElizabethH.


I have been suffering with extremely sensitive teeth the last few months, I visited my dentist a few times and he could not find anything wrong except that my teeth have become extremely sensitive. My dentist recommended that I change my toothpaste.

When the samples arrived it was the perfect opportunity for me to test the toothpaste for sensitive teeth first. My past experience with sensitive toothpaste has not been good; when I have brushed my teeth with it, my teeth did feel clean and refreshed.  I have very hesitant to swap over but due to my suffering with the sensitive teeth I was ready to give this a try.

I was pleasantly surprised; Elgydium Sensitive has definitely changed my opinion about sensitive toothpaste. My normal routine is to dry brush my teeth and then to apply a generous amount toothpaste.  However I have done various techniques with Elgydium Sensitive toothpaste and I get the same result every time.  I do not feel the need to dry brush at all and I only need small amount (pea size).  The toothpaste leaves my mouth feeling clean smooth and refreshed; it is green and has a peppermint taste which is very pleasant.


The sensitivity has improved 100% and I have not experienced any discomfort since I started using it. I can now once again enjoy my cold and warm drinks without the fear of experiencing pain.

Elgydiym Sensitive encourages dental remineralisation which enhances resistance to acid attacks on the teeth.

If you looking for sensitive toothpaste I would definitely recommend it, they are available at selected Dischem and Clicks store for only R59. You can also read other reviews on the Rubybox website here.

Now that my teeth are no longer so sensitive I am going to start testing the Whitening toothpaste. I will have updated blog post in 3 weeks time, please check back to read about my experience, I will also include before and after photos.



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