OFRA Professional Eye Shadow Palette Review

OFRA Professional Eye Shadow Palette Review

Hello Beauties,

Today I would like to introduce you to OFRA Cosmetics, and I will be reviewing the OFRA Professional Eye shadow Palette.

I was first introduced to OFRA Cosmetics whilst watching KathleenLights’ YouTube videos. She collaborated with OFRA Cosmetics on liquid lipsticks and I will be featuring these in an upcoming review.

Ofra Gaito and her husband David created their own line of skin care and makeup in 1994 today, OFRA is an internationally recognized name in the beauty industry. With 20 years of manufacturing experience OFRA Cosmetics has distinguished itself as an innovator within the beauty industry. They formulate and produce exclusive skin care and makeup products in-house (which include creation, testing, manufacturing, packaging and shipping)

However it is still somewhat unfamiliar in South Africa but the good news is it is now available in South Africa and I am so thrilled to say the least.


The eye shadow palette is a housed in a simple matte black cardboard which is sleek looking.  I have used my palette nearly every day since I bought it and have not once needed to clean the packaging. I prefer this packaging to the Lorac Pro palette although some people might feel it’s not as luxurious but the outside packaging does not get dirty.   The palette has 20 colours of 2g each giving you a total of 40 g of product. Another plus point of the palette is that it’s a magnetic system and you can change individual pans when they are finished. This has always been such a frustration for me, I tend to reach for some colours more than others and when they are finished I find myself not reaching for the palette anymore. With this system you can then replace the particular shade and your palette will be like new – It’s like having your own Z Palette.

Shade Selection

The palette consists of 20 shades, 12 matte with the other  being satin and shimmer shades. The shimmer and satin shades are the reason I fell in love and they are definitely the reason I have been reaching for this palette. I use the matte shades to assist to create a complete the eye look.


When I first swatched the palette the shimmer/satin shades were beautiful and buttery. The matte shades varied as matte shade do and I am happy with the colour swatches except for two shades and I will probably not reach for those (Navy and Lilac). I might even consider replacing them with two other shades in the palette.

I think this palette is more suitable to a light/fair skinned tone, my friend Nisa from BellBlushh reviewed the palette and shades swatches on her skin tone do not display as vibrantly as they do my lighter complexion.  Would I recommend this palette? Definitely, I am in love and have been reaching for this palette so often.

Whilst reviewing this palette I’ve come to realise that finger swatching alone does not do this palette justice so I have done three different looks with this palette.

Vibrant Blue

I used French Mocha as my transition colour, I then applied Blue Millennium in the outer 3rd of my eye and Champagne in the inner part of my eye, I also used the Slate to slightly deepen the look.

Classic Natural look

I once again used French Mocha as my transition colour, I deepened the colour with Bohemian and a little bit of Slate and then I reach for Gold Rush to complete the look. This is the kind of look I like to wear to the office as it is very natural but yet still classic.

Mauve Inspiration

I first applied Buttercup over my entire lid, I then used Godiva lightly as my transition colour, I applied Plum to my entire lid and used Slate to deepened the over V of my eye. To finish off the look I applied Pink Millennium to create a halo effect.

Where to buy

The OFRA Professional Eye shadow Palette retails for R1200 on their website, click here. However I only paid R500 for the Palette; I bought it from Nisa who manage to get the Palette for half price at the Pro Beauty Expo in August, you might ask will I pay R1 200 for the palette and the answer is YES without hesitation.

If you would like to get this palette you can use code “Ilonique20” during checkout to get a 20% discount. This code can also be used for any other purchase on the OFRA website and should be entered during checkout to qualify for the discount.  Please note that this is not an affiliate code, I do not get paid or make any commission if this code is used.

Which is your favorite colour? Would  you consider purchasing this palette?

Till next time beauties



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