Making Health a Priority – Sharing my Personal Journey

Making Health a Priority – Sharing my Personal Journey

Hi Beauties,

I have been thinking about starting a series related to health and weight. This will be more to track my progress and at the same time using this platform to share my journey with you. Weight has been a constant stumbling block in my life and as I just turned 45 on the 24th February I decided now it a good a time as any to start.

My mom passed away on the 26th October 2016 and in three months since her passing, I gained 15kg.  Stress and grief is something that works differently for each and every person, my husband lost 10kg and he can’t afford to lose weight.

My weight loss journey has been one off ups and downs for most of my life. However 4 years ago I started on a diet and managed to lose 32kg over a period of two years. My health improved and I had renewed energy. I joined the gym and started seeing a personal trainer 3 x a week.  For some or other strange reason my weight loss stopped but I also did not gain any weight. I managed to keep my weight constant for over a year. But as with everything, life happened.  My mom got very ill December 2015, and we had a tough time financially due to various reasons and I had to cancel my gym subscription and the personal trainer as these were luxuries and not necessity.

I put all my energy in helping my mom and kind of started neglecting myself. Not in a bad way, I was just not exercising and sleeping well. I was also not eating regularly meals, my mom was my priority and today I am so grateful that I made that choice. I picked up about 10kg and once again started a diet around May last year and manage to lose 9kg.

However it all went downhill from there. My mom’s health deteriorated and after much discussion with her she agreed that we can see if we can get her into a care facility. I paid for her to see a private doctor to complete the application forms, but when I went to collect her that afternoon she collapsed at her friend’s house. She was admitted to State Hospital and so started the long stressful 9 weeks, she was in hospital for 5 of the 9 weeks. I visited her twice daily whilst she was in hospital. I managed to get her into an awesome care facility (Cosmos Home for the Aged). When she was discharged from hospital she was transferred into the Frail care ward at the home. I visited her every day and I was able to spend quality time with her as the facility took over her caring. I am so grateful and thankful for the excellent nursing and care workers that were looking after her at the time. I knew she was ill but it was still a tremendous shock to my system when they phoned me the morning of the 25th October to say I should come immediately. When I got to the home she was in a semi coma and they allowed me to spend the entire day by her bedside and when she came out of it the 1st thing she said to me is that the Lord is there to fetch her and she is ready to go………. and the rest of the day and the next couple of weeks was just one big blur.

Now back to me and my struggle with weight. So with all this happening I picked up 15kg. I was actually scared to get onto the scale to be honest as I knew I picked up weight but I did not want to admit it to myself. Well I took that leap and got onto the scale and I have to admit that it affected me negatively on so many levels. However I made a decision and I refuse to just accept that I am destined to be overweight.

I am going to stay positive and I am going to start moving the scale in the opposite direction. My 2017 personal goals are courage and self love and through this I believe I will overcome all obstacles in my path.

February is Valentine’s month and also my birthday month, and with that I made a decision that I am going to start making healthy choices as part of my everyday life.

Who does not want something decadent on their birthday? So I thought I would share this delicious recipe with permission from The Diet Everyone Talks About “Eat Slim/Eet Slim” recipe book to make a decadent yet healthy dessert with only 1.3 p carbs per portion.

Cheese Cake

Portions:  6 – 8

Prep time:  20 min

CHD:  1.3 g per portion

kJ:  448 kJ


3 Eggs yolks

200 ml Canderel powder

30 ml Thick Cream

45 ml Water

5 ml Cinnamon / cool drink

30 ml Gelatine

125 ml Water

250 ml Cream, beaten till stiff

250 ml Cream cheese


  1. Cook the first ingredients till thick.
  2. Add cinnamon and gelatine dissolved in water.
  3. Allow to cool.
  4. Add cream and cream cheese.
  5. Refrigerate for 2 hours.

Now I know mine looks like a Milk Tart but its National Milk Tart day tomorrow, and my brain can be tricked by just adding a little bit of cinnamon on top.

One portion of this delicious cheesecake can be enjoyed without feeling guilty.

I made this cheesecake yesterday later afternoon. I decided to take blog pictures before I went to bed……just in case and just as well, when I got up this morning there was only half a cheesecake left and they cannot stop talking about how delicious it is, this is a win win……

Apology, I know this blog post was all over but it’s like therapy session, call me crazy!

Do you think you will give this recipe a try? Have you struggled with your weight?

  1. Sterkte vriendin. It seems when we get to together from now we need to stop exercising our mouths and start on our bodies lol

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