Clarins Beauty Salon - Part 1

Clarins Beauty Salon - Part 1

Hello Beauties,

I was fortunate to be invited to a special valentine’s event at Clarins Beauty Salon in Illovo. I had the most amazing day and I decided to do a two part review. I first want to share the history of Clarins as well as the technique and products that are used in the Flagship Beauty Salon in Illovo. The second part will be all about my experience on Valentine ’s Day.

Clarins was created in 1954 by Mr. Jacques Courtin-Clarins as a Spa treatment based on stimulating the blood and lymph circulation. After much research into the plant world, Mr Courtin introduced his first treatment products in 1965: The Clarins Face & Body Oils. All Clarins products based on 100% natural plant extracts.

He listened to women and men around the world and was able to create a formula that met all the required beauty needs. Clarins is a global leader in premium skin care market and uses ongoing communication to develop application techniques and effective products.

Clarins Skin Spa is a unique place where botanicals are combined with the magic of the most sensitive and intelligent of tools, the hand. A very unique exclusive method is used during the treatments at the Salon. The beauty therapist gets specially trained to work with the Clarins products which are high-performance formulas with a high concentration of plant extracts. The therapist will ensure that she will create a unique, sensorial experience during your treatment. Because this is such a personal treatment it will be a different experience every time you visit the salon.

The aim othe treatment is to ensure that you achieve a feeling of total bliss with the relaxing application techniques which is combined with the soothing virtues of phytotherapy. The therapist will include targeted movement whilst she will adapt to your specific needs and desires to ensure that she delivers immediate visible and long-lasting beauty results and well-being.

The Clarins Pro range is used in the Salon during the treatment, and the reason for this is that adapted to the professional environment and the Clarins Therapist expertise. The texture and fragrance are also different from the retail range. It is very a very concentrated formula that will deliver immediate results.

What makes this treatment so unique you may ask?

  • Therapist is trained to use different rhythmic strokes to stimulate the lymphatic circulation and blood circulation
  • This technique will maintain the integrity and health of the skin to restore the natural balance and energy for body and mind.
  • It creates a sensory experience that allows you to look and feel better.
  • The rich concentrated textures ensure prolonged application benefit for optimal results
  • You receive a personalized treatment
  • Clarins Philosophy is that every person is unique and therefore your treatment is too.

It’s a fact. With Clarins, life’s more beautiful!

Clarins Beauty Salon offers authentic, service orientated treatments to meet all their clients’ needs.

With this information at your fingertips, please be on the lookout for my review on my experience at the Salon/Spa as well as an awesome give-away.

Which Clarins products have you used before?


I read and appreciate each and every comment!