Clarins Beauty Salon Experience and Giveaway

Clarins Beauty Salon Experience and Giveaway

Hello Beauties,

I was invited to spend Valentines morning at the Flagship Clarins Beauty Salon in Illovo. My appointment was scheduled for 8:45 and the only down side to the entire day was sitting in peak hour traffic.

The Salon share a building with Tanaz Hair Salon based at 51 Colette Drive, Illovo. There is secure parking inside the property. The Salon entrance is beautiful and welcoming.

You walk through the hair salon to get to the Clarins Beauty Salon. The Salon entrance is elegant just like the brand.

There are five treatment rooms, each one having a different flower the accent wall. One of the treatment rooms have a shower attached to the room. The colour scheme is within the colour theme of Clarins, red and white. The treatment beds have soft fully red towels.

The atmosphere of the room was tranquil, welcoming and relaxing with scented Eau Dynamisante Candle burning to enhance the ambiance of the room.

My therapist requested me to undress. They have disposal underwear that you can wear during the treatment but I opted not to change into it and my therapist understood. I appreciated the interaction and it definitely set the tone of the comfortable environment for me to have my treatment in.  She left the room allowing me to get undress and I settled under the fluffy red towels. They were soft and welcoming.  I was scheduled for a Relaxing Massage which is a well-being massage to relieve stress and tension, calm and relax the body and mind and this was followed the all Round Refresher Facial which is a re-balancing treatment to boost the skin’s natural radiance and reduce signs of fatigue and stress.

She gave me a choice of three massage oils

  1. Clarins Relax Oil
  2. Clarins Tonic Oil
  3. Clarins Anti-Eau Oil

I chose the Tonic Oil, she confirmed which pressure I would prefer for my full body massage and the treatment started with her relaxing my body with the smell of aromatherapy oil, she placed the oil in her hand and allowed me to take deep breaths and this immediately relaxed all my senses. She placed warm towels on my feet and the full body massage started. This was my invitation to a journey of relaxation and total bliss. The unique technique of manual movement with the soothing virtues of phytotherapy is was used to detoxify and purify the epidermis.  She used targeted products that relaxed my body and it felt like I was floating, I think I might have even fallen asleep during some parts of the treatment.

After the massaged she moved into the All Round Refresher Facial immediately and my skin reacted positively due to the rich concentrate of the Clarins product. I felt refreshed and rejuvenated after the treatment. There was no extraction or steam used on my skin during the facial.

There is the saying it’s painful to be beautiful, but this was definitely not in the case. The products and techniques were soothing and relaxing and my skin soaked up every bit of goodness it was receiving.  After the treatment my therapist offered me a glass of water with a slice of lemon that was so refreshing.  I felt like staying just there for the remainder of the day. I did not feel like facing the toxic and rushed life outside of the room.

I got dressed and when I looked into the mirror my skin looked radiant and glowy, I love the texture of my skin and the last thing on my mind was makeup. I did not want to expose my skin to anything that could reverse the treatment that I just received.

After my treatment I was taken through to Tanaz Hair Salon where I was treated to a shampoo and blow dry. Believe me this just rounded off the awesome treatment. My skin was perfect but my hair looked a terrible mess. After my hair was done my spirit was lifted and I had renewed energy making the day just perfect.

Whilst driving home after the treatment I compared this treatment to others that I have had recently which included Collagen Induction Therapy which include micro needling technology Cell Advance Peels and even the normal facial where a steamer and extraction is used. My skin always looks terrible after these treatments and my skin settle in a few days later. Sometime it looks worse before it looks better. I know there is a benefit for both these kind of treatment however the results after this facial is definitely one that I would like to experience more often.

It was very evident after this treatment that nourishing the skin with the correct products has a positive benefit. I even felt comfortable to take a non makeup selfie and shared the photo and this is completely out of my character. They say there is always a first time for everything and this was an awesome experience even allowing me to touch on some of my goals for 2017 which is to have more courage and to practice self love.

Every experience is unique for every guest at the salon; I would recommend that you visit this salon to experience the treatment first hand for yourself.

You can contact the Salon on  011 440 1543  – E-mail:

I have some great news Clarins SA has sponsored Clarins Signature Massage valued at R650

Rules of the Giveaway (Terms & Conditions)

  • You need to be based in Gauteng (South Africa) in order to enter for the giveaway, as we will be visiting the Clarins Salon in Illovo
  • Giveaway will run from Wednesday 8 March 2017 to 22 March 2017
  • The winner will be announced on Instagram  and Twitter please be sure to follow Ilonique/Clarins South Africa on these platforms not to miss out
  • The winner will have 3 days to claim their prize after which a new winner will be chosen.
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Till next time beauties.

      1. Any chance that you and Nisa have some unused products I could use for my Cuppa-for-Cansa? Trust your doing well, no doubt missing Mum daily ⚘

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